The Pride Deck

The Pride Deck (Dark Edition)

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Be part of the fight against ignorance! Help us spread awareness of all the orientations with this fun and exciting deck, perfect for explaining different sexualities and genders to all ages!
With its black custom tuck and backs, the perfect edition for dark theme lovers!

Includes 54 cards, each one with an unique illustration, plus an extra card with the definitions of each orientations identities that you will find in the Pride deck, the first and unique LGBT poker deck in the world, which are:

  • Ace: Asexual
  • 2: Bisexual
  • 3: Polysexual
  • 4: Aromantic
  • 5: Genderfluid
  • 6: Pansexual
  • 7: Agender
  • 8: Intersex
  • 9: Demisexual
  • 10: Non Binary
  • J: Transgender
  • Q: Lesbian
  • K: Gay
  • Jolly/Joker: Allies

The custom back design was purposely made to recreate the illusion of a rainbow once the deck is in your hands! The effect works on both sides, the only difference being the colors order, offering two different rear fanning designs making this deck visually exciting! This dark edition is another special version of the Pride Deck, the only LGBTQ+ card deck in the world.

This deck is made with Linen finish paper, perfect for magicians and professional cardistry!