The Pride Deck

The LGBTQ+ Agenda

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A small and cute calendar that marks every Pride, Awareness, Visibility and remembrance days in 2023.

Have you ever crossed your Tumblr trending page, and discovered that that day was an important one for the LGBTQ+ community? And you knew nothing about it?

Well, to me it happened many, many times during my stay at that wonderful and crazy platform.  But where can you kept track of all these days, and, most importantly, what do they represent for this community?

  • All the illustrations have been made exclusively for 12 of the many yearly awareness days and periods, and each month gets its own colorful palette.
  • Each card will include a section where there will be described the awareness / visibility days that happens during that month.
  • Includes a Homotransphobic-proff side for everyone who might live in a non-LGBTQ+ Friendly environment or can’t safely show LGBTQ+ Items around.
  • The calendar size is 10,5cmx21cm (around 4x8 inches)